A few weeks ago a friend sent me a link to an article by Dr Simon Duffy, the Director of The Centre for Welfare Reform. I have to say it was genuinely one of the most remarkable things I have ever read.

The article was entitled ‘An Apology and started as follows: 

Since establishing The Centre for Welfare Reform in 2009 I have been able to work and think with other people about some of the judgements I made in the past. And, I believe I should make a written apology for two mistakes that are having increasingly negative consequences:

1.   Complex Resource Allocation Systems (RAS) – using questionnaires, points, weightings and formulas to calculate a fair budget

 2.      Support Plans – which are now being abused and which are undermining the autonomy of disabled people and families

Mr Duffy then proceeded to explain his thinking in developing the above pieces of policy, the rationale he followed, the unintended consequences he missed and the assumptions that undermined the policies.

It was, in its own geeky policy way, a moving piece of writing.

Original source – We Love Local Government – Blog

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