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The new look Public Sector Blogs has been up for a couple of weeks now – many thanks for the positive feedback. A couple of quick points on how it’s all working.

There are now two twitter accounts auto-tweeting new posts. The new one is @PubSecBlogs, which is part of the Public Sector Blogs publishing empire, and which I encourage you to follow. The old one is @PubSecBloggers, which has now been hooked up to get the Public Sector Blogs feed, so followers will still get notified of new posts, but it’s a slightly shakier setup and I can’t guarantee that it will keep working, so I encourage you to switch to @PubSecBlogs.

Subscription by email has been fixed  – signing up to receive the emails was working perfectly, the only small glitch is that no actual emails were being sent. That’s now been sorted out, and the first one went out to subscribers in the small hours of this morning. It’s looking good (thanks to Mailchimp, rather than my creative genius), so if you would like your reading in a neat daily package, do subscribe.

Feedback is welcome on how it’s all going, so comments are open on this post (but remain closed on normal posts for the reason explained in the sidebar).

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  1. Love the new clean look, have just subscribed by email, keep up the good work 🙂


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