27th August 2013

On Thursday last week we put up a quick post with a few ideas for how we could join up bureaucrats from across the public sector. The idea we pitched revolved around ‘internet dating’ where we would join up like minded bureaucrats from different sectors to spend some time together; perhaps in a ‘buddying’ style relationship. As we said:

Rather than the meetings being transactional they would be an opportunity to talk about ideas, policy development or just simply to get an informed outsider’s views on a tricky work problem. Over time the level of understanding between sectors would grow and with it the opportunities for closer, and more efficient, working would hopefully develop.

And here’s where the internet dating comes in. We could match up the officers from different sectors using a typical dating site template asking staff to identify their interests and the type of policy areas they’re interested in. Alternatively, we don’t need to be so technical and we could form partnerships between organisations which can act as the fulcrum around which these informal relationships build.

Well, it turned out that this idea was neither new nor particularly innovative. The NGDP are apparently already doing something similar with colleagues in the civil service fast stream (hopefully, the good people of the Guardian Local Leaders Network will do a little article featuring the work to see how well it works).

And that was not all; Phil Rumens has also written something suggesting internet dating in the public sector. What makes Phil’s suggestion interesting is that his proposal is far more in keeping with the spirit of dating; in that the match-ups would be designed to achieve a little procreation! I’ll let Phil explain:

A while ago, at a LocalGov Digital Steering Group I suggested the idea of a “dating site” or Kickstarter for Local Government. This week I was discussing Nesta’s new Creative Commons Europe site with Carl Haggerty and Paul Mackay; it seemed like a good idea to re-visit the subject. 

Original source – We Love Local Government – Blog

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