What is Whitehall Monitor? A year ago we embarked on a project to explore and analyse the data on government to get insights into the effectiveness of Whitehall. We’d previously put out short ad hoc Whitehall Monitor bulletins, but we wanted to expand this into a more comprehensive review of the information about Whitehall’s effectiveness. The result is our first Whitehall Monitor annual report and a beta website that presents the underlying data and analysis. Why focus on Whitehall? Though Whitehall is small relative to the scale of the whole of government and the wider public sector, it plays a pivotal role. The majority of government’s resources get channelled through Whitehall departments and the strategic decisions taken here can have significant effects downstream for the public. Whitehall also forms the crucial interface between elected politicians and the machinery of government. It is the route through which ministers get their ideas turned into action. Finally, it’s an area that can often appear to be a bit of a black box. While there’s reasonable coverage of how particular public services like schools or hospitals operate, understanding what goes on within Whitehall departments and whether they are working effectively is more challenging. With […]

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