In rather exciting news We Love Local Government’s very own Glen Ocsko was recently nominated by the Guardian as one of the top local authority leaders of the future (defined by being under the age of 35 and brilliant). You can read all about why Glen was nominated on the Guardian Local Leaders site:

The whole thing was a little weird (not least seeing Glen’s smiling face on the page) but generally was a really cool recognition of all the cool things Glen has done in his still relatively short career. I can’t think of anyone more deserving.

Kudos Glen.

Now, this post could / would have concluded here but the Guardian have announced a little twist in the tail and are now running a competition to decide from the short-list they have already published who is the number 1 local authority leader of the future.

The vote lasts until the 16th and you can vote on the Guardian pages:

Now, it would be wrong of me to use this blog to encourage people to VOTE GLEN as all of the nominees are very deserving of the award. Indeed, asking people to VOTE GLEN might be considered to be some sort of attempt to circumvent the process.

And I certainly wouldn’t want to suggest that you ask your friends to VOTE GLEN or perhaps host a link encouraging people to do some from twitter or elsewhere on the internet.

However, if you were to VOTE GLEN I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

Plus, as we were all taught when we were kids ‘it doesn’t matter who you vote for just as long as you vote’.


So what are you waiting for; vote now!

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