Inquiry blight is a real danger. But, as the latest report from the Public Administration Select Committee, Truth to power: how Civil Service reform can succeed, argues, there is a lot wrong now and there are a wide range of questions about the future of Whitehall going well beyond existing proposals which should be examined afresh. Thinking needs to be more radical. It will be hard for Whitehall to brush aside PASC’s call for a Parliamentary Commission on the Civil Service since Bernard Jenkin, the PASC chairman, has already secured the backing of the Liaison Committee, of all select committee chairs, for the proposal. And David Cameron will have to come up with a position by next Tuesday afternoon when civil service reform is one of the two main topics when he is questioned by the Liaison Committee. The main constitutional questions have already been thoroughly examined in various reports by PASC, by the Constitution Committee of the Lords, and the government commissioned report by the Institute for Public Policy Research (unfairly criticised by PASC). These reports have only looked at some of the main issues. There are important questions about ministers and civil servants and it is wrong to […]

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