19th September 2013

My mother is an occupational therapist working in the National Health Service. She is everything you would expect from someone working in the NHS; committed, passionate about the services she provides, skilled and most of all scathing of NHS management.

I’ve always been a little sceptical of my Mum’s scepticism. As I know form local government it is an easy default when things aren’t going well to blame management and no matter how lean the management is it always seems like a more appropriate way to wield the axe.  However, when my Mum asked for a transfer between teams within her NHS trust the resulting process was so mad it a) put local government to shame and b) deserved to be told. So without further ado here is my Mum’s attempt to change her place of work.

My Mum works for an NHS trust covering quite a wide geographical area and her ultimate manager (2 layers up) manages two teams, one in the west of the patch and one in the east. My Mum lives in the east and so when a job came up in that area she asked for a transfer. Bearing in mind that although separate both teams have the same management and are in the same trust she assumed this role could just be granted to her and the recruitment be completed for the job in the west team.

However, after consulting with HR it was decided that the role in the east needed to be externally advertised. My Mum applied and got the job.

Ironically enough the person who came second in the interview process lived in the west and would have preferred a job there (more on that later) but nonetheless my Mum was successful and asked about her start date.

We’ve already wasted a little time but as the teams are a little different maybe this was perfectly reasonable. What follows is not.

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