This month local government posted a snapshot of what they were doing during 24-hours using the #ourday hashtag. Loads of good content got posted. But as with any campaign it attracted critics who just don’t like the sector. So, how should we connect with them? Should we even try?

by Will Mapplebeck

Council wasters getting upset about hijacking of #ourday tag. Well stop tweeting and do the bastard job I pay you to do.

Maybe the private sector should spend a day on Twitter telling you how awesome they are. Oh, that’s right, they have work to do #ourday

The other week the Local Government Association held #ourday, a twitter campaign designed to highlight the diversity of what councils do.

It did its job, it highlighted the massive amount of great work that goes on in town halls, community centres and other council buildings across the country – but it also attracted a minority of negative tweets.

Original source – comms2point0

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