We all have our vices, some more dangerous than others. Some have a penchant for wine, some pore over old maps while others get a kick out of trawling through parish council meeting minutes from the 1960s. For my sins, I have been cursed with an unending interest in all things science fiction, so when I was sent a set of predictions from the incredible Isaac Asimov from 50 years ago my interest was more than caught.

These predictions – some big, some small – set out some of the things he thought the world would be like by the year 2014. Time has inexorably ticked on and whilst not all have come off there are enough that have to say he was pretty visionary.


This got me wondering – what might the world of local government look like in 50 years time? As anyone who’s been around for more than half of the last decade will know, accurately predicting even 5 years is next to impossible, but when you go that far ahead it might actually be a little easier. With that in mind I thought I’d dip my toe into the mystic waters and see if any of my own predictions come true.

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