LG Challenge15th October 2013

When Glen visited the LGA conference this year he was lucky enough to interview the finalists for the LG Challenge 2013 (listen again to episode 9 here). As the search for LG Challenge 2014 competitors kicks off last year’s winner Lana Fisher has generously drafted a guest post for us. If you are interested is taking part in LG Challenge 2014 check out the official site here but not before you’ve read this post.

‘PROFIT is not a dirty word’. – That was the feedback that I got following the second challenge on the Local Government (LG) Challenge 2013 and it has become a bit of a mantra for me ever since. Run by the Local Government Association, the LG Challenge is designed to find the ‘best and brightest local government officers’ by pitting 10 candidates against each other in an apprentice-style competition. Split into teams, we faced real life challenges in host local authorities and had to come up with solutions within 24 hours.

The challenges varied from the strategic, such as looking at ways to manage change in a period of significant uncertainty in Bournemouth, to the practical, such as working with the London Fire Brigade to reduce accidental fires in the home for vulnerable people. We even took part in a training exercise run by Breckland Training Services that involved playing the part of a fictional management team of two merging councils.

Common themes came up in all the challenges such as partnerships, investing to save and challenging ourselves to innovate and meet needs differently. We worked really hard during each of the challenges with both teams often seen burning the midnight oil, huddled round a flip chart trying to come up with genuine solutions which would make a real, practical difference to the host authority.

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