So, Christmas is getting closer and the goose is getting fat. But that still doesn’t help you buy something rather good for the comms, digital or pr person in your life. Ever keen to help we’ve drawn-up a knockout list of present ideas.

by Dan Slee

It’s happened to us all when we’ve opened a present under the gaze of a loved one only to find it’s a beige jumper two sizes too small.

"Thank you," you somehow manage to say with a forced smile. "That’s really lovely," you say in a test of your diplomatic and public relations skills.

But there is now no need to spend Christmas Day looking like Alan Partridge just in order to make your Gran happy. Here’s a list of festive presents specially for comms people who belong to the ever generous and ever loving comms2point0 community.

We’s created some Amazon affiliate links to the present ideas too, so if you do buy you are contributing to the upkeep of this marvellous website for which we thank you.

Mike Hind may want an easy way to calculate metrics, Dan Bowsher may want an off button but that’s just never going to happen. However, here’s a few that work…

Original source – comms2point0

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