The IfG has expressed concern about the low numbers of women in the Cabinet and at the top of the Civil Service. With only 24% of MPs being women, we wanted to find positive examples of success to help inspire others and help government be more effective in his area. We asked the speakers, Stella Creasy MP, Jo Swinson MP and Liz Truss MP to talk about how they work. We learned that women want to succeed in politics but need encouragement from families, especially their mothers, nerves of steel and the courage to raise their hand and say ‘I am here’. Their tips for making a career in politics a success were: • Say ‘yes’ and not ‘no’ to challenges and don’t be afraid to take risks. • Practice public speaking early in your career – at school. • Be assertive, raise your hand and ask for what you want. • See the job as that of an entrepreneur and make your own path and success. • See public scrutiny as part of the job – you will get scrutinised about your weight, hair, shoes etc. but Creasy said re-tweeting nasty twitter-troll comments gives you a sense of some […]

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