Now here’s a question which regularly crops up: ‘How do we control social media?’ Actually, that’s the wrong question. A better one would be: ‘Should we try to control social media?’ And the answer to that is no. A big, fat, no.

by Darren Caveney

Social media. When you strip it back to the basics, it’s pretty much just a series of conversations. People sharing opinions, chewing the fat, asking questions.


And, as my pal Dan Slee would say – ‘being human’,

Which is why I’ve always struggled with products sold by companies which seek to govern these conversations. To control them.

Control your social media activity, lock it down, stop people having their own accounts, put lots of measures in place to prevent staff going off and engaging, being social. Having human conversations.

From what I can see, some of these companies take this control ‘offer’ and repackage it to sell their services by creating a kind of fear of social media.  Within the sales pitch you almost sense a belief that, actually, staff shouldn’t  really have access to social media anyway.

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