Can you name five female public relations agency heads?  That was they questioned posed by PR Week before naming just four women. Thankfully, PR Week didn’t  explain away the shortfall of women in top tier posts with the old cliché of “they leave to have babies”, acknowledging that the reality was far more complex than that. 

by Liz Bridgen

I’m currently researching why women to leave middle-management PR jobs.  Interestingly, one theme that keeps cropping up is that women leave PR because they find the work trivial and unsatisfying.  That’s not to say that all PR jobs are meaningless and dull but for a variety of reasons (which would make another article in itself), the women I interviewed weren’t taking advantage of the challenging and exciting PR jobs out there.


The good thing about teaching and researching PR is that you can ask people lots of questions about what they do and why they do it. 

Original source – comms2point0

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