It’s a tricky problem and something that people regularly complain about. Dog poo. But how do you communicate it? With an internet meme. A pic with a message that’s easily sharable.

by Helen Reynolds

One person’s dog poo is another person’s gold.  When a few weeks ago I was asked to think of something for social media to encourage dog owners to stop leaving their dog’s poo around I knew we had a great opportunity to get people talking.

Nobody likes stepping in a dog poo.  A few weeks ago I was on a date and I stood in the same poo outside my house twice. Embarrassing! 

So this weekend we’ve been trying to make people smile and make dog owners think about their responsibilities by sharing pictures of dogs (kindly offered by my friends on Facebook) with funny captions I added with an app on my phone. We tried to have fun with the story on our website too and our local paper and BBC Radio Wales carried the story.

Original source – comms2point0

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