‘Blue’ Monday was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. And for aspiring women leaders in politics and government it certainly was. The news reminded us that we are no closer to furthering the cause of women leaders in 2014. Four stories were guaranteed to put the most ambitious women off working in government, politics and the City. First, came the case of the prominent peer and his party’s clashes over harassment claims and apologies. This has most men and women I know hanging their heads and sighing heavily at what has become a big mess with no happy ending in sight. Most of the women I talk to just say this is another example of politics being sleazy and many question why anyone would ever consider working in it. We also heard that another one of David Cameron’s 2010 female intake of MPs won’t be standing in the next election. That makes a total of four women from that cadre who have stood down. Every departure of a woman from frontline politics sparks the usual rush of predictable questions – why doesn’t the prime minister have the female touch? Is being an MP a career for […]

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