Credit UKGovCamp.comI accept that it would have been useful to have written these the day after UKGovCamp, which was held this year at City Hall on 25 January. However, with a hangover of camping proportions and a house full of children to look after it had to wait a little, which also gave me the opportunity to reflect somewhat on what can only be described as an awesome event.

So, with no further ado here are a few of my UKGovCamp14 take-aways.

Blogging is dead.

Okay, well not dead of course, but it certainly seems to no longer be the cool, new hotness that it once was. After UKGovCamp last year there was a flurry of blog posts within hours of it finishing, with people taking up the challenge of sharing five things they took away from the event. This year however it’s been a bit more sparse, and the style of the blogging discussions has changed somewhat.

Is this because we’ve all moved on to something new? Is it because we are working more closed off than we were? Is it because people simply got out of the habit of writing things down? I don’t know, but it saddens me a bit as I was a keen devourer of all related written words and long for the days of the past when there were more quality local government related blogs than I could shake a committee report at.

If only there was an established blog which was open to guest posts and which would be happy to host any and all related discussions…

Many minds make interesting work

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