Just recently, Steve Chu, Head of Strategy and Engagement at South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, asked us all to stop navel gazing and look to the stars instead. As part of this he cautioned readers to be wary of any new “trust” campaign and the Building Trust campaign in particular. One of the authors of that report responds by arguing that trust is perhaps one of the most important assets we have got to get us to the stars.

by Neil Wholey

Steve Chu in his comms2point0 post here has set a challenge which I totally agree with that we must “make the case for communications to be at the centre of our organisations’ thinking”. One of Steve’s points is my number one priority to “show that communications can be a frontline resource, either by reducing the costs of service provision, improving frontline efficiency, or targeting declining resources more effectively… prove your £20,000 campaign has saved your organisation £1 million.”

Original source – comms2point0

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