Recently, the Institute for Government and PWC brought together an eclectic mix of current and past officials, ministers and non-executive directors to discuss how best to lead transformation from the centre of government. The participants provided four pieces of advice for Oliver Robbins to ponder in his new job. 1. Create a more compelling vision of where the civil service is going. “If you get the elevator speech right… then you have much more ability to let go and be confident that the whole will add up to more than the sum of the parts.” “Change does not happen at the centre, it only happens if people in the operations are being recruited into a mentality that says ‘I believe where I am going, I know what my part is and I want to make it happen where I am’.” 2. Focus on a small number of important issues that matter for public service outcomes. “Pick a few things and focus on them.” “Start with… what we are looking to deliver better than we deliver today and… what we need to change to be able to do that.” “Focus on ‘game-changers’… the emphasis needs to change from civil service reform […]

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