Two blokes had an idea in a pub. ‘Wouldn’t it be great,’ one said, ‘if we could watch ‘Withnail & I’ in the cinema with some mates.’ They nodded. They posted the idea to Twitter. The idea grew. It spread. Now, it’s a fully blown weekend of cultural activity. All organised through social media. 

by Matt Bowsher and Hugh Evans

I think of my smartphone as a giant digital octopus. It can take the most random of thoughts and reach a virtual tentacle out to connect with someone similarly afflicted.

All soc med (but for me Twitter in particular) provides immediacy; the sense of the now. The connections that we make create a sense of the active stakeholder as opposed to the passive consumer. Going to a cinema to watch a film is an act of passive consumerism. Creating the demand to tell the cinema what to screen isn’t. 


Original source – comms2point0

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