As our new report Transforming Whitehall One Year On: The challenges of departmental reform in Whitehall shows, there is no “one size fits all” route to answering them. Faced with finding savings of between 33% and 50% from their administration budgets, some departments have undertaken extensive restructuring, moved toward new operating models and investigated new ways of working, while others have simply downsized. With only two exceptions, Whitehall departments are now smaller than they were in 2010, but some are both smaller and operate very differently from the organisation that existed previously. For example, in response to the Lord Levene’s recommendations, the Ministry of Defence has implemented a new model of “delegated responsibility” which has substantially altered the way that the constituent parts of the organisation interact. The challenges of leading a private sector organisation through this sort of major change are well documented in management literature and business schools across the world continue to collect six figure fees for MBAs on the topic. But as we pointed out in our 2012 report, Transforming Whitehall Departments, when it comes to leading change, Whitehall is not like a business. There is a limit to how much the public sector can learn […]

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