There is nothing like an infographic to make a big pile of numbers make sense. For the public sector explaining what they do has never been more important. In this brilliant case study one authority has used the web to create something interactive.

by Sarah Lay

I admit it; I’ve never really been one for figures. At best they confuse me, at worst they scare me. So being tasked with leading a project to translate Nottinghamshire County Council’s budget book into a format people could more easily get to grips with – people like me who cringe inwardly at the thought of wading through an accounts spreadsheet – was just the sort of challenge I liked.

And today we’ve released what we’ve created; an interactive infographic taking all the Council’s budget expenditure for 2014/2015 and displaying it in a more interesting, and hopefully easier-to—understand, format.

Original source – comms2point0

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