But rather than simply give MPs time off, here are some things that Parliament does not usually get round to which it might usefully do in the next nine months until the starting gun fires. 1) Tidy up the statute book – the Law Commission makes regular reports on out-of-date or no longer fit for purpose laws. And there are bits of unnecessary law which drive inefficiency (why, for instance, do HMRC send out redundant tax codes in January). A blitz on all those bits of tidying up that Parliament doesn’t get round to could leave the UK with slightly less incomprehensible laws. And while Parliament was at it, it could look again at all laws which governments haven’t bothered to put into force. 2) Ask ministers what has worked – and what hasn’t – if there is less to do on the floor of the House, there is more time to get down to some serious committee work. All parties are committed to “evidence” – so what better time for select committees to grill ministers and permanent secretaries on the impact of their policies – useful for voters and useful for would be ministers. 3) And find out about […]

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