Should you apply? To help you decide, here’s a look at a few of the challenges you might face… 1. Negotiating the parliamentary fall-out of the end of coalition: Thanks to the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 it seems increasingly likely the Coalition will make it to the end of its full five- year term. However, as the end approaches, the parties will want to highlight differences in their positions in key areas of policy and may wish to use the intricacies of Parliamentary procedure to do so. Might there be more rebellions on government legislation or separate statements from the government dispatch box, as we saw after the Leveson report? You will need to be on hand to advise on what could prove to be contentious interpretations of the parliamentary rule book. 2. Navigating the results of the 2015 election: There has been speculation that another hung parliament might result in a government based on a confidence-and-supply alliance, or even one run without a pact on a vote-by-vote basis. In these situations parliamentary proceedings will be key to that government’s success or failure. It will be up to you to offer impartial advice to all the parties on how to […]

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