Field Trip10th June 2014

As readers of this blog will know we are the sort of people who will try anything once and so when we were asked to be the official media partners for the upcoming ‘Local Government Strategic Leaders Forum’ we agreed to give it a go.

We’ve never done this before so we thought we should canvass a little opinion about what sort of things people would like us to do in our ‘official’ role.

The conference has some fairly big hitters as its keynote speakers including Brandon Lewis and Tony Travers and the Chief Executives of six local authorities. We reckon we have a number of options for what we do with these sessions and how we make the most of our press access for the day. For example, we came up with this list of options for what we could do:

·         Try and get interviews with the key players and try to ask some slightly different questions

·         Focus on the key notes addresses and try to summarise them

·         Focus instead on the questions asked from the floor and try to use that as a means of testing the pulse of local government

·         Simply live blog / tweet the day and focus on getting information out there

·         Ignore the key notes and focus on the thoughts of the delegates

·         Try to just record sound to make into a podcast

·         Spend our time at the seminars focusing on the discussions held there

Obviously, these are not mutually exclusive and nor should this list be seen as exhaustive. We are keen to try and make sure that our time at this conference is useful and interesting for our readers and followers so any input into what we should focus on is much appreciated. Please do note them below or drop us a line at @welovelocalgov on twitter or or on the e-mail. We’d love to hear from you.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll try and highlight a couple of the seminars and preview the debates we’d like to see progressed and if we get any interviews lined up try to get input from our readers into the questions we could ask. Other than that we’re totally winging it; what can possibly go wrong?!


The forum is being organised by Capita and as an ‘official’ partner as well as letting us go and report on the day they have agreed to offer any readers of this blog who want to join us a 20% discount (using code MPLLG); you can find out more about the forum here.

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