At a breakfast roundtable at the Institute for Government last Thursday, O’Malley himself credited an institutional innovation from the UK – the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit (PMDU) – with helping him maintain a “relentless” focus on achieving his strategic goals in office. His Governor’s Delivery Unit, created in 2008, closely mirrors the original PMDU model established under Tony Blair’s premiership back in 2001: The Governor’s 16 strategic goals –from education attainment to job recovery – are tracked by the Delivery Unit, whose staff analyse a constant stream of data gathered from departments Any delivery problems detected are then investigated by the Unit The Governor receives regular progress reports The Delivery Unit organises bi-weekly “stocktake” meetings between the Governor and departmental executives. Here, executives are held to account and solutions to delivery problems are brainstormed. But Maryland isn’t the only jurisdiction to import the PMDU model. In fact, as we show in our International Delivery report out today, the spread of delivery units is a truly global trend (covering 15 jurisdictions across North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia). The PMDU has now been replaced by the Cabinet Office’s Implementation Unit, but the latter still bears “more than a […]

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