People survey themes: high and low scores, 2014 Source: Civil Service People Survey 2014 As we explained in our previous post on the Civil Service People Survey, the questions civil servants are asked are clustered in several themes. Our analysis of the responses from the 17 main departments suggests that working in a particular department influences civil servants’ perception of their work in some areas more than others (see chart above). Civil servants like their work and their teams and managers, regardless of where they work. My line manager, my work, my team: departmental scores, 2014 Source: Civil Service People Survey 2014 All departments score above 75% on the ‘my team’ theme, above 60% for ‘my line manager’, and only HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) scores below 70% on ‘my work’, with little variation between departments. On these three themes, most departments’ scores rose and most departments’ scores exceed their score for overall engagement. Staff are also quite clear about why they do what they do – though less so in Cabinet Office. Organisational objectives and purpose: Cabinet Office 2009-14 Source: Civil Service People Survey 2009 to 2014 When civil servants were asked about ‘organisational objectives and purpose’ – whether […]

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