Thinking of moving into a career in PR? Here are some tips from a master.

by Sarah Stimson

Whenever I recruit graduates for the Taylor Bennett Foundation it is always at the front of my mind that at the end of the ten weeks of PR training we expect our alumni to embark on careers in the industry, so there are certain raw ingredients I’m always on the lookout for. PR employers tell us that these are the basic skills they’re looking for in entry-level hires.


This is difficult to quantify but it’s still really important. Keep in mind that your colleagues will spend more time with you than with their own families so it’s important that you’re easy to get along with. This includes being enthusiastic, willing and keen to learn. A positive attitude goes a long way to making you easy to hire. Whiners are never popular and the ability to build good relationships is really vital.

Original source – comms2point0

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