Yes, we’ve gone a bit Buzzfeed. As Barber himself did in the Independent on Sunday. It was ‘not exactly a launch’ – that happened at the LSE earlier this week – but rather ‘further discussion’ about the book, according to Peter Riddell. But the clear, succinct lessons Barber outlined about delivery or implementation of government priorities also lend themselves to a series of Buzzfeed-style lists. Barber opened with the 6 Defining Features of the PMDU Model: Set clear priorities with measurable goals Establish a dedicated unit focused on getting those things done Use data and trajectories to drive progress Build routines around those priorities (such as stocktake meetings, or monthly notes to the Prime Minister) Help with problem-solving Persistence – stick with those priorities despite the temptations in government to shift the agenda. Michael Barber speaking at the event These will be familiar to readers of the IfG’s reports on policy implementation. He then outlined various things he had learned about delivery – from reflecting on his own experience, from history and from elsewhere in the world. His ‘5 Reflections From Personal Experience’ were: Effective government is really important – having been taken for granted for so long, the global […]

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