The civil service now employs 405,400 FTE, down 1,290 on the previous quarter. The last quarterly staff numbers release before the election shows that the Civil Service has reduced in size by 15% since Q3 2010.  The Civil Service has continued to shrink in the last quarter.  But even this is still some way off the expectation contained in the 2012 Civil Service Reform Plan, to achieve a 23% reduction by 2015.  To meet that, a further 25,000 staff would need to be cut. Around a fifth of all civil servants work for DWP. If we look at each departmental group – each department and all the other agencies and organisations it is responsible for – more than half of all civil servants work in the four biggest groups: DWP, MoJ, HMRC and MoD. DWP and MoJ remain the largest, even though they have taken some of the heaviest cuts in the last quarter and since 2010. HMRC – overtaken in size by MoJ in 2014 Q2 – is the third-largest departmental group, over twice the size of the Home Office in fifth.  DfT is now the seventh-largest group, some reductions in its agencies making it fall behind BIS. We […]

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