The Department of Health now has the most projects, closely followed by the Ministry of Defence. Major projects are not spread equally across Whitehall departments. Between them, DH and the MoD are responsible for 40% of the entire MPA portfolio. DH’s portfolio has been swelled by 14 new projects to 41 this year, overtaking MoD (39) which had previously been responsible for the most projects. The majority of departments have fewer than ten projects in the Major Projects portfolio. All of the red-rated projects are held by the three departments with the most projects in the portfolio: At DH, these are the data programme, changes to death certification, re-procurement of the National Pandemic Flu Service, NHS Choices and the Health and Social Care Network At MoD, they are the Army Basing Programme and Future Reserves 2020 MoJ’s red-rated project is the ICT project at the National Offender Management Service. All departments with four or more projects have at least one amber/red project. Only DCLG (which only has two) and the Attorney General’s Office (one, at the Crown Prosecution Service) have no green or amber/green rated projects. The proportion of projects rated amber/red and red exceeds one-third in four departments (MoD, […]

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