twitgritYou may have noticed a slightly sneering story in the Daily Mail about the naming of a gritter.

Oldham Council launched the competition for schoolchildren to come up with a name for the vehicle.

Like many other councils the authority treats roads to help ease conditions. As someone who operated @walsallcouncil for five years I’m no stranger to grit and the public.

Indeed, while I was, I’d whoop and cheer when temperatures fell as it led to a pile of new followers to our corporate Twitter.

People wanted real-time updates on how the roads are and if they are treated.

The Daily Mail coverage was unsurprising. You can see it here.


But the response online was heartening. Not just from the public but from fellow local government people.

The lesson here? People are not, one person once said, as bad as the Daily Mail would have you believe.

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