I’ve blogged about how emotion has become the key to communicating in 2016 but it’s nothing new.

Look at Brexit and look at Christmas TV ads.

But it’s maybe important to reemember that emotion and story telling didn’t start this year. I was reminded of this when a TV ad from my childhood dropped into my timeline.

You may recall it. It’s a boy dreaming of a bike. His Dad keeps up the pretence that he thinks the bike is daft while secretly planning to buy it for his birthday. It’s a beautiful story told in 58 seconds.

You can see it here:

The TV advert was for yellow pages. It’s not a big thick directory of telephone numbers. It’s a place to make young people’s dreams come true.

As much as I can see the point of a direct call to action, a sign-up or a sale, I like this aproach too.

So, if we knew it in 1985 and we know it in 2016 why as comms people do we need to show people we work with to remind them that this is true?

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