Yesterday saw the release of the National Audit Office’s report on ‘Digital Transformation in Government‘.

The main conclusion from Amyas Morse, head of the NAO, is that:

“Digital transformation has a mixed track record across government. It has not yet provided a level of change that will allow government to further reduce costs while still meeting people’s needs.To achieve value for money and support transformation across government, GDS needs to be clear about its role and strike a balance between robust assurance and a more consultative approach.”

I helped assist the NAO team with their study and report. It provides a timely evidence base to reflect on what is working – and what is not.

I hope it will now be used to help inform and expedite meaningful digital transformation: after more than 20 years of hoping technology will transform and improve our public services, it’s time we saw far more credible results at pace and scale.

If the report helps inform and expedite such long overdue change to even a small degree, it will have proved its value.

Original source – new tech observations from a UK perspective (ntouk)

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