I am at Leeds GovJam, helping run things.

There are many great things about doing this. One of them is the most excellent company I get to keep helping out. It’s fun to talk design with those guys and gals. I don’t get much of that these days.

At lunch Kathryn and I were talking shop. We got onto personas. We both agreed that personas are a starting point. Once you get testing your ideas with people personas should drift off into the sunset.

“Personas are a functional tool to get you from A to B,” said Kathryn.

“Not A to Z,” I replied.

Kathryn’s face lit up. “Ooooo. I like that.”

10 minutes later Illustrator was exporting the posterised version of that accidental slogan. Kathryn and I had “an office” as well. Y’know. Like Charles and Ray. It was a quick bit of fun. I am more writing this post for posterity.

If you want it, here’s a PDF.

Original source – Simon Wilson

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