Next week I’m attending an unconference for learning and development (L&D), and organisational development (OD) practitioners. I’m familiar with the unconference format as I’ve been part of the team who organise LocalGovCamp for the past few years, but both L&D and OD are well out of my comfort zone.

So why am I going?

I’ve been involved with digital and service transformation for a number of years now and I’ve come to realise it’s about more than tech. Sure it is you’re probably thinking, real digital transformation is about the re-design of function and process around the capabilities the internet and technology provide and that’s true, but it’s also about people.

The main driver for digital transformation is often cost reduction, and one way to cut cost is to reduce headcount. Some service re-designs remove the human element completely and create a fully end-to-end digital service. but for many services councils still need people, for now anyway. People to empty bins, fix roads, appear in court, care for and teach others, and in many other roles.

Redesigning these services involves those who deliver them learning and developing new skills, for example using a new device, understanding a new process, or learning how to use a new IT system.

So why am I going? Because digital transformation across an organisation is as much about developing people, as it is tech or process. Be kind to me as I dip my toe in the L&D water!

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