Podcasts, like chip shops and football teams, can have a devout following. Yet, they remain niche. An online discussion unearthed some useful ones for comms people.

By Dan Slee

Do you unwind at night with a glass of wine and a podcast in your ears? Maybe in the bath? Chances are you are not alone.

In the UK, research by audience researchers Rajar estimate than more than three million people a week listen to downloaded recorded bulletins. Evening is the most popular time to listen, apparently yet a third of those downloaded never get heard.

But what of podcasts for comms people? An engaging discussion on the Public Sector Headspace Facebook group showed there was an appetite. Here are nine that were shared.

Nine podcasts to try out 

The Productivity Show by Asian Efficiency talks about how to get more out of your time. You can catch them here.

Wired is a tech magazine and the UK magazine also run a podcast you can find here.

On creativity, The Accidental Creative got a vote. You can find them here.

FuturePRoof was an excellent publishing project that highlights creative thinking. It is also a podcast driven like the book by Sarah Hall. You can find it here.

On a hiatus, the Natteron podcast features Ben Proctor and Helen Reynolds and usually a guest. There’s a strong back catalogue. You can find them here.

Not a podcast as such but a BBC programme, The Naked Human looks at technology and the digital world. Alex Krotoski hosts. You can find the latest episodes here.

The CIPR promote the csuite podcast. This features often global topics. You can find them on soundcloud here.

The often topical PR Bants podcast aims to look at current affairs through a PR lense. You can listen to them here.

Not about comms, PR or digital, Radiolab got recommended for simply being an enjoyable listen. Brilliant at turning science into hugely engaging pieces of human story telling you can find them here.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0.

Picture credit: Riksarkivet / Flickr.


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