Standing for election in/around Cambridge in 2017? Want video and social media footage of your events? On how to make things easy not just for us community reporter types, but for local journalists too

I’ve written in previous blogposts that my role in these elections are to create social media content – in particular videos, that showcase the candidates as best as they can be, and then let the electorate come to their own conclusions. For the mayoral local elections in/around Cambridge, I created 65 videos covering hustings, debates, interviews and intros. Of those, 17 were short, sharp, introduction videos with candidates from four parties introducing themselves to the general public.

Over the past month or so, my Youtube Channel tells me it’s had over 5,000 hits and over 10,000 minutes of video footage watched. For a niche channel covering local politics over a very limited geographical area, that’s incredible.

Social media commentators have said for some time that the future is with mobile video. Make it easy for someone with a half-decent camcorder to turn up and speeches like this get recorded.

Owen Jones rallying Cambridge Universities Labour Club to campaign for Daniel Zeichner, restanding in Cambridge in the 2017 general election.

Want things like this recorded?

  • Please give me advance notice
  • Consider venues – are they easy for people like me (and your activists too!) to get to using public transport?
  • If there is no public transport, can you give me lifts to and from venues? (I’m incredibly grateful to those party volunteers across the spectrum who have given me transport in the past)
  • Is there free wifi or a decent mobile signal?
  • Does the room have plugs?

Note too that people are turning away from the very highly stage-managed campaigns – noting that Tim Farron of the Liberal Democrats is getting plaudits for how he’s dealing with people who don’t agree with him:

Tim Farron facing a member of the public who voted to leave the EU

48 videos for the 2015 General Election

You can see them in the playlist here.

I put the videos up online free to access, and also break some of them up so that individual parties and campaigns can share the ones of their candidates with their activists and supporter networks. Once they are up online, what people choose to do with the footage is up to them – and you.

After all, how dangerous can one bloke and his dragon fairy be? Even with a camcorder?

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