Comms Unplugged is a learning and development opportunity like no other. With inspirational speakers, a choice of workshops, well-being activities, live music and food it has evolved from an initial idea from like-minded comms people into a unique, exciting event that continues to develop each day.

by Victoria Ford

We were lucky to get a guest slot on this week’s #CommsChat.  CommsChat is a weekly Twitter chat for comms people that takes place every Monday evening from 8-9.   The discussions ranged from what comms people need to do to get back to basics, to whether we need time ‘offline’ to recharge.  When the chat turned to the subject of books my ears pricked up.

Books have always held a little bit of magic for me.  From the shores of Kirrin Island to the branches of the Faraway tree, my childhood was full of Enid Blyton and I was hooked.  Over the years I’ve been fortunate to have browsed tiny second hand bookshops in the back streets of Paris, watched my son drawn into a world of books and reading at the Hay Festival and found myself lost in worlds beyond my own imagination.

Books have also played a massive part in my professional development, an opportunity to explore new ideas, learn new skills and understand new theories.  But most of all books have always been an escape for me.  A chance to switch off and refocus, to disappear for a little while, learn about new worlds and fascinating facts, explore complex characters and situations.

The #CommsChat conversation agreed that it would be great to have time to rediscover reading and books as a way to learn and develop.  Especially ‘real’ books – pages you can turn and corners you can fold.

So that’s what we’re going to do.  Comms Unplugged now officially has a book corner (well it may be more of a tree stump than a corner).  We’ll be inviting everyone attending to bring a favourite book to exchange.  You can leave it in the book corner and pick up a book left by someone else to take away. We’ll also be inviting everyone to write a short note (because we all love a handwritten note!) and place it inside the book to explain to the lucky recipient why it’s such a good read.

And it doesn’t have to be work related.  That’s the joy of books.  As Emma Leigh put it on #CommsChat ‘It’s the non-work books that you get the best ideas from too, life is transferable’  

So if you want to be part of this unique event and share a book you love, you can register at now.  Of course Comms Unplugged is all about sharing so we’ll capture all the book titles and authors and a selection of the messages to share with those of you not fortunate enough to be able to get down to Dorset with us. 

Now, do I take Five on a Treasure Island or the Magic Faraway Tree?

Victoria Ford is an organiser of Comms Unplugged and Director at Perago-Wales, a sponsor of Comms Unplugged

Comms Unplugged – is more experience than event and a retreat for comms people. Chat, listen and learn away from wifi and tech. With live music, food and an overnighter in a beautiful campsite in Dorset.

It’s not for profit and created by comms people for comms people.

Ticket news and more workshop activities will be announced shortly so make sure you’re registered with us at and following @CommsUnplugged.

image via Evgenley Isaev

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