Sometimes it is hard to stay up to date. Email bulletins are a handy way. Here are 17 to pick from

By Dan Slee

Just because the content was posted at half past two on a Tuesday doesn’t mean I’ve seen it.

There is nothing quite like kicking off your shoes at the end of a hard day and catching-up with things online.

But sometimes you are not there to see it. This is where email bulletins can come in really handy.

Overall, I subscribe to almost 20 who have stayed the course andhave resisted the unsubscribe button.


For the PR industry big picture

I don’t care which director has moved to who. Honest I don’t. Campaign Magazine does a handy sign-up for a fistful of bulletins. You can do that here.

Cutting edge PR and comms insight

Firstly, I’ve signed-up to Stephen Waddington’s blog which is more consistently on the money than anyone else I know. Spin Sucks can be useful. Of course, I’d be lost without the comms2point0 weekly email. The CIPR Conversation brings together bloggers from across the UK PR industry. While this has a private sector leaning there are always things to learn.

Cutting edge marketing

Fiona Humberston knows her onions and has a load of free resources on her site. She also has a regular bulletin.

Cutting edge journalism thinking

There is no use ignoring journalism. Don’t wave at it and call it Dead Tree Press because the thing is part of the industry has caught-up and left public sector innovation behind. Fundamentally, this is the ability to build and tell stories and there are lessons for comms and PR too. Nieman Lab is one of the best.  

David Banks is a journalist who is also a media law trainer and runs a useful email list.  

Cutting edge workplace

Inc is a business magazine that aims itself at sef-starters and company directors. The thing is, much of what it thinks they should know you can get something out of too.


Social media and digital insight

While there is a fair amount of clickbait Social Media Today can be handy from time-to-time. Think With Google UK has some useful content while it can be frustratingly US-centric with its numbers.  Mashable UK has a good list.


Public Sector insight

While it is US-based Govloop do a terrific job across the sector that UK people can get something from. This looks at innovation, advice and best practice across the government. The breadth of knowledge is useful.

Elsewhere, Dave Briggs has been blogging about using the internet better in the public sector for longer than almost everyone. After a hiatus he is sharing five links on a Friday.  The ages old of Public Sector Blogs aggregates a list of blogs and sends one email a day with links. Granicus UK are worth a subscription for their freemium love of giving away content.


The Commscamp list is terrific. All the latest news gets issued for this behemoth of an event.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0.

Picture credit: LLGCLLW / Flickr.




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