Comms Unplugged is a retreat for comms people – more an experience than an event – and unlike anything you’ll have been to before. We can now exclusively announce the line-up details…

by Sally Northeast

It’s just a couple of weeks since we launched the concept of Comms Unplugged on the world and already over 130 of you have signed up and are clamouring for more details

Now we can reveal what you’ll experience at Comms Unplugged, the first ‘overnight conference in a campsite’ of its kind in our industry. The event aims to hit all five steps to wellbeing, namely:

  1. Connect
  2. Keep learning
  3. Be active
  4. Take notice
  5. Give

You’ll connect with people from difference sectors and different parts of the country – it’s a conference and a social event all rolled into one.

There’ll be lots to learn from our inspirational speakers and workshop leaders.

Our keynote speaker is Giles Henschel, co-founder and CEO of Dorset-based Olives et al. You’ll be entertained and inspired as he tells us, in his unscripted style, the story of the home-kitchen start-up that transformed into an internationally acclaimed business, with tips on branding, bravery and believing in bonkers ideas. Giles will also run a workshop on resourcefulness and creativity.

We’ll also welcome Simon Enright, director of communications at NHS England, to run a workshop on ‘The physics of communications: how to explain what we do to those without a communications background.’

Simon’s session will cover the ‘basics – core comms skills’ and ‘working effectively together, relationships, partnerships and networking’ themes.

From left-field we have Gary Langton, a regional operations manager from a major aggregates company responsible for major landmark construction sites. A staunch East Ender, Gary will make you think afresh with his workshop on building relationships and getting the best out of people.

And our own Victoria Ford will run a workshop with her Perago-Wales colleague Ross Gregory on transforming through digital – unplugging the tech and busting the myths.

Wellbeing activities, you say? At a work event?

To help you stay active we’re running yoga and pilates sessions as well as walks in the woods and down to the coast to enjoy the Dorset amazing scenery.

You’ll want to take notice of everything you experience – nature all around you, the stars in the night sky, the fantastic tastes of freshly prepared paella and wood-fired pizza and the sounds of our talented young musicians providing acoustic entertainment on Friday evening.

You can also relax and unwind by learning new techniques with the fantastic Fresh Air Fridays crew. They’ll be using nature to help improve your wellbeing and help you build good habits to enjoy a healthier, happier life.

And we’ll be inviting you to give by sharing your knowledge, skills, experience and ideas with your fellow campers.

This week’s #commschat highlighted that it would be great to have time to rediscover reading and books as a way to learn and develop.  Especially ‘real’ books – pages you can actually turn and corners you can really fold.

So that’s what we’re going to do.  CommsUnplugged now officially has a book corner.

We’ll also be supporting two local charities which are close to our hearts and perfectly reflect the ethos of Comms Unplugged – Dorset Wildlife Fund and Dorset Mind.

Now if that lot doesn’t tempt you to unplug with us and experience something completely new, I don’t know what will! More details on these and other elements of the event are on the website or coming soon.

We look forward to seeing you there.

p.s. Ticket news and more workshop activities will be announced in the next week so make sure you’re registered with us at and following @CommsUnplugged.

Sally Northeast is an organiser of Comms Unplugged and deputy director of communications and participation for Dorset Healthcare

Comms Unplugged – is more experience than event and a retreat for comms people. Chat, listen and learn away from wifi and tech. With live music, food and an overnighter in a beautiful campsite in Dorset.

It’s not for profit and created by comms people for comms people.

image via the Dutch National Archive

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