There is a point I keep coming back to over and over and over again from a blog post I wrote a while back. 

It comes from a poster in Apple designer Jony Ive’s office.

“Believe in your f*cking self. Stay up all f*cking night. Work outside of your f*cking habits. Know when to f*cking speak up. F*cking collaborate. Don’t f*cking procrastinate. Get over your f*cking self. Keep f*cking learning. Form follows f*cking function. A computer is a Lite-Brite for bad f*cking ideas. Find f*cking inspiration everywhere. F*cking network. Educate your f*cking client. Trust your f*cking gut. Ask for f*cking help. Make it f*cking sustainable. Question f*cking everything. Have a f*cking concept. Learn to take some f*cking criticism. Make me f*cking care. Use f*cking spell check. Do your f*cking research. Sketch more f*cking ideas. The problem contains the f*cking solution. Think about all the f*cking possibilities.”

But especially ‘educate the f*cking client.’

This isn’t a rant at the nice people who I work with. Far from it. This is more a reminder that we need to remind people that the poster, Twitter account or press release they want isn’t maybe what they need.

Picture credit: Gotcredit.com / Flickr


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