Op de boerderij. Gezinsbedrijf. Moeder en kinderen in overall met melkbussen. Nederland, [ Doornspijk], 1957 of eerder.

After Eddie wowed the Twitters on work experience for Southern Railway I tweeted a survey asking people to vote for my son Joe to take-over as guest editor for comms2point0. They voted for it. Darn it. Here is what happened.

by Dan Slee

Don’t the kids in charge of your social media channels.

That was one of the hard-won lessons in the early days of social media. That received wisdom has been turned on its head of late with Eddie from Southern Trains getting positive feedback.

So, I asked the Twitters if they would like my 12-year-old son Joe to take charge. Of course they said yes. You can always rely on the crowd to be around for a car crash. So, after some coaxing he took charge.

We spoke the night before about what links he would post. With 13 minutes to go he still hadn’t surfaced. 

What did we learn? Given some responsibility 

Here is a brief summary: 

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0. He is Joe’s Dad.

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