Comms planning. It’s never been more important to get this right. So, an all-new downloadable comms planning guide has been launched to help you.

by Darren Caveney

I was pondering the other day just how many comms plans and strategies I might have written in my career. It’s hard to say but it runs into the hundreds for sure.

I have said many times that communications has got easier and harder all at the same time. Easier because we can self publish and create our own channels and platforms like never before. Harder because that extra choice makes it easier to get it wrong, to jump to a tactical solution in the absence of a great plan.

Add to the mix the fact that many comms teams have seen their teams and budgets reduce and the result is that it’s never been more important to create strong and effective comms plans.

A sound comms plan provides the all-important strategic approach and intelligence to guide our activities and, importantly, deflect from the often knee jerk internal requests – we need a poster, we need a Twitter account, we need a microsite, we need a video…

Without a good comms plan we are simply guessing with our choice of tools and tactics.

So with this in mind, and fresh from the consultancy work I have been delivering this year, I have created a new essential comms planning guide and I thought it might be useful to share it with you. After all, this was the whole point of creating six years ago – to share, collaborate and learn.

This free downloadable guide can be printed out as a poster for your office or meeting room wall to help guide your internal meetings and planning sessions.

Download your free comms planning guide poster

You can also download the accompanying worksheets to help you think through and create each stage of the plan, either on your own, with your teams and even with your internal customers.

Download your free comms planning guide worksheets

PLUS as an extra special treat, I have had 25 x A2 copies of the poster printed – if you would like one for your office or meeting room wall email me at and I will put one in the post. First come first served and all that.

Happy planning.

Let me know how you get on.

And if your subsequent plans fly you can enter your work into the unAwards17

Darren Caveney is creator of comms2point0 and owner of creative communicators ltd

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