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It’s always a pleasure to go back to university to talk to students and share some career experiences. It’s also a great opportunity to learn from them. Here’s your chance to get involved.

by Sarah Williams

It’s that time of year again when parents crack open the bubbly and send their little ones (and not so little ones) back to school. Here at the University of Wolverhampton Business School we are getting ready to welcome our next intake of ‘little ones’ and are busy devising new and different ways of inspiring their learning.

This year we are launching the UWBS ‘After School Club’; a series of events in which we are inviting business people to come in and talk to students about their experiences; talks can be on anything from setting up a new business to leadership, from handling budget squeezes to getting to grips with new technology, from first job experiences to marketing communications. We are primarily concerned with providing students with the opportunity to hear about exciting campaigns, innovative business ideas, entrepreneurial traits and the cold, hard reality of the world of work. We want students to be enthused about the world of work and the best way to do that is to bring in people from the ‘real world’ – you – to tell them what really goes on away from the textbooks.

This is not a lecture series; guests can choose how long their sessions are and what format their sessions take; sessions can be practical, ‘have a go’ style or ‘meet the manager’ question and answer style: the more innovative the better! The aim is to inspire and enthuse so students go away feeling a renewed sense of purpose.

Term starts again on 25th September and the After School Club launches in w/c 16 October. We are aiming for the sessions to run in the following weeks but we will work around speaker availability:

w/c 18 October 2017

w/c 6 November 2017

w/c 27 November 2017

w/c 18 December 2017

w/c 29 January 2018

w/c 19 February 2018

w/c 12 March 2018

w/c 9 April 2018

So if you think you have a story to share or experiences – good or bad – which you think would inspire, educate or excite our students then we would love to hear from you. Contact Sarah Williams on sarah.williams@wlv.ac.uk for more information; we will even provide the coffee and cake.

Sarah Williams is Principal Lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton

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