We’ve all been there… what do you by the PR and comms person for Christmas? Or birthday? Or as a leaving present?

by Dan Slee

Here are a few ideas that could help solve your present buying dilemma. Secret Santa? Something substantial? There are a pile of ideas that could help you. A big shout to the members of thePublic Sector Comms Headspace Facebook group for their input. Full credits at the bottom of the post.

Less than £5

STATIONARY: This meeting should have been an email pen. 

BOOK: Tubesperation. Using the London Underground to come up with creative idea.

Around £5

TECH GEAR: A handy tool to help you film or take pictures with your smartphone.

SOFT FURNISHINGS: Typewriter cushion. For helping you bang your head against in safety.

BOOK: Fucking Apostrophes book. For the grammar geek in your life.

Google cardboard. Have a look at what the future looks like.

HEALTH: Stress Paul. Your handy person to squash if you need to vent spleen.

BOOK: Anarchists in the Boadroom by Liam Barrington-Bush. For when you want to think creatively on how to connect and how to understand networks.

Around £10

STATIONARY: Moleskine ruled notebook. For those creative ideas.

BOOK: Potty, Fartwell & Knob. True names that will take your mind off that comms plan or logo competition for children request.


STATIONARY: Creative post-it notes.

MUG: Grammar grumbles mugs. For the grammar nazi in your life. Buy one here.

CREATIVE: Artefact cards. Cards to help you comms plan and think creatively. Buy them here.

BOOK: Inside the Nudge Unit. An account of life in the unit that has changed how organisations look to engage with people.

TEA: Calm the fukc down tea. Herbal tea. Buy them here.

MUG: : First I drink the coffee then I do things. Buy one here

BOOK: Think Small. A book to help you achieve goals.

BOOK: PR is Dead by Robert Phillips

OFFICE: Icon cable ties. Tidy up all those leads and cables.

Between £10 and £20

BOOK: SEO for Dummies. Understand an often overlooked skill.

More than £20

CARD GAME: Cards Against Humanity.

CALENDAR: Comms cartoon calendar by Helen Reynolds. Buy it here.

T-SHIRT: Being a Communications Manager is Easy. It’s like riding a bike. Only the bike is on fire and you’re in hell. But it here.

GAME: Shit Happens card game. Buy it here.

TECH GADGET: A smartphone projector. For when you want to watch the youtube clip with a bigger audience.

DRINK: Bombay Saphire Gin gift pack. Because people from the South Coast seem to quite like gin.

CAFFEINE: Stove-top espresso maker. Start your day with a jolt.

Big shout for ideas and inspiration to Eddie Coates-Madden, Sally Northeast, Vanessa Andrews, Penny Allison, Phil Hodgson, Hayley Douglas, Paul Compton, Jane Slavin, Sara Hamilton, Rachel King, Lisa Potter, Shevaughan Tolbutt, James Allen, Clare Parker, Nicole Crosby-McKenna, Louise Powney, Sian Williams, Emma Wild, Ruth Fry, Paul Coxon, Heather Heaton-Gallagher, Georgia Turner, Ian Mountford, David Bell, Vanessa Andrews, Jude Tidder and members of the Public Sector Headspace Facebook group.

Dan Slee is co-founder of comms2point0.

Pictrure credit: Royal Library Denmark / Flickr


Original source – comms2point0 free online resource for creative comms people – comms2point0

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