Staff from different services discuss ideas around referral approaches

Today’s citizens have high expectations as their world of services moves toward a customer-centred approach. As the deliverer of public services, it is essential for councils to adopt this approach in order to effectively help those who are often the more vulnerable members of our communities and who may be dependent on government interventions and support to achieve better life outcomes.

Wyndham City Council recognises this shift and they are rapidly embracing this new way of thinking and doing things. As the fastest growing council in Victoria, Wyndham City Council is eager to rethink organisational processes to create a better customer experience and improved outcomes.

Earlier this year, we were brought in to review their organisational processes, re-think structures and explore opportunities to drive a significant culture and attitude shift within the council to create a greater positive impact in its community. This in-depth research was conducted across 6 key services, namely Maternal Child Health, Early Years, Early Care & Education, Youth, Immunisation and Aged & Disability Services.

Wyndham wanted to understand their citizens experience engaging with and moving between multiple services across their life-course. Overlaying the organisation’s systems, processes and staff pain points with an understanding of citizen experiences during their interactions with the council, we demonstrated the impact that a traditional silo service model has on their citizens and on their staff.

For the longest time, councils have arranged themselves like an organisation with mini discreet businesses operating within them — each dealing with their own customers independently. The shift in council like Wyndham towards service integration and collaboration across services will increase efficiency within the council and reduce the effort and steps a citizen needs to take to reach a positive outcome.

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