What is a hack day? It’s people getting together on a day and seeing what they can come up with to crack a problem. Kate Vogelsang would like fellow comms people, video, marketing, web and others to help a North East hospice.

by Kate Vogelsang 

I am running a hack for a hospice in County Durham, an event that will bring together businesses and creative people to collaborate for good.

I am looking for graphic designers, web developers, local businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators, photographers, video producers, comms and marketing people, digital experts, charity workers and creatives from across the North to collaborate on developing new and innovative solutions to help the hospice raise their profile across County Durham. An improved marketing offer is needed to support the fundraising work the charity already does, and innovative new ways to engage with their target audience need developing. This is what we want attendees at the hack to look at.

It’s a great opportunity to network, learn from industry experts and enjoy yourself, while contributing to a really good cause.

This is not a forum or seminar; you won’t be talked at, or expected to only give your views. This is an event where a problem needs to be solved and that asks attendees to make and do. Ideas that people have come up with to tackle the challenge are prioritised on the day,  everyone divides themselves into teams and they then go and work on these solutions. These are then presented at the end of the day.

The hack takes place on Thursday 22 February 2018, all day, at the North East Business Innovation Centre in Sunderland.

Already attending are a brand and innovation expert and Entrepreneur in residence at Lancaster University, a filmmaker, graphic designer, social media trainer, an apprentice and training business owner, the Creative Director of Northern Power Women and innovation associates from the National Innovation Centre for Ageing at Newcastle University.

If you can’t come, but have some ideas on how to tackle this challenge, or would just like to have a chat about the event, get in touch at kate@birdsongconsultancy.co.uk 

You can find more information on the hack HERE.

Kate Vogelsang left local government to run Birdsong Consultancy and is helping to run the hospice hack. 

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