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On Thursday I’ll be co-hosting an important webinar which will reveal the latest insight and trends on the public sector’s use of social media.

by Darren Caveney

I love the public sector.

I love best practice communications.

And I love a stat.

Throw all three of those ingredients into a new webinar and that’s an event I want to be a part of.

So taking part in a new research piece looking at social media use in the public sector ahead of the webinar was something I was instantly interested in.

The results of this survey are being shared in an all-new webinar and with the chance for you to take part.

Alongside me will be Stuart Banbery, marketing manager at SocialSignIn, and we’ll be running an hour-long webinar and hosting a Q&A with you.

The research – the second in an annual collaboration between SocialSignIn and comms2point0 – comes from over 120 organisations from all parts of the public sector.

Some of the results might surprise you.

But for sure the insight and trends provide a fascinating glimpse of where the public sector is at right now.

The survey covers topics from best practice and digital transformation, through to social media activity, resources and customer services.

It’s clear that demand for social media as a customer services channel is on the increase in the public sector. But are we keeping pace and meeting this demand to provide better services and reduce call volumes into stretched call centres?

And who picks up these enquiries? Is it the skilled customer services teams, or the already stacked communications teams battling demand, expectation and, often, reducing resources.

The results we’ll share could be invaluable to you in your internal discussions about digital transformation and in your organisation’s use of social media.

What we’ll cover…

Is social media demand on the increase in your sector?

Which platforms are taking the lead across each sector?

How are team sizes changing across central government, local government, NHS, housing, emergency services and education?

Which new platforms have you adopted in the past 12 months?

I’m in – when and where can I take part?

You’ll need to sign up in advance – it’s very easy to do just register here.

The webinar will run from 1pm – 2pm on Thursday 19 April.


Everyone taking part will receive a copy of the new eBook – A complete guide to public sector social media in 2018.

So get signed up before Thursday and grab yourself a treaty lunch, a good coffee and settle in for an hour’s free webinar which I’m certain you’ll find interesting and useful.

Darren Caveney is creator of comms2point0 and owner of creative communicators ltd

image via Tulio Saba

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