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Back in the olden days video online was so simple… chucked it up onto YouTube and share the link.

Those days have long  gone. The web is a different place and people use different channels in different ways.

On Twitter and Facebook where you scroll through your timeline your attention span is shorter. On YouTube, where you can go looking for content on specific subjects it can be longer.

This is a list of the maximum length for content and also the optimum time.

video lengths 2018

The last time I blogged the optimum a few months back people asked for the source of the research. So this time, here are some links to help you. Not all the channels have an optimum length. Periscope, for example.


Maximum length optimum length


Facebook maximum length  Facebook optimum length


Maximum length optimum length


Maximum length optimum length


Maximum length Optimum length


Maximum length

Facebook Live

Optimum video length 


Maximum length

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